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Making an extra income

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Hey everyone, I am a stay at home mom and I'm priveleged to be able to stay home but I can tell my partner needs a little bit of help. I got laid off a couple of months before I got pregnant and it was his desire that I stay home and raise our first daughter. I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there that is in a similar situation. And how are you making an extra income? 

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Re: Making an extra income

Well I have been a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant for about a year now and it has been going really really well for me! Before I was out on the town doing lots of facials and things like that but as I get closer to my due date (Aug. 21!) I have been preparing to start my business online. The best part about what I do is that I can make my own hours, it's my own business so there is no one to answer to and I can make decisions for myself, and I can work from home using my personal online website provided by the company and take care of my son, or I can hit the town with my baby. I also like it because its challenging. I really work it like a business and I get to constantly come up with new creative ideas of my own!! 

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Re: Making an extra income

There are a lot of companies out there like Mary-Kay that rely on moms like you to keep their sale up. Do some research and see what company might work best for you.


Go in with the mind set that you will be the best there is!



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Re: Making an extra income

I would love to share with you how I got out of Foreclosure and now have retired my husband! We are BOTH full time stay at home parents!!

You can watch my story here:


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Re: Making an extra income

Hey Hun. I completely understand. I haven't worked in about 2 years, and I don't receive government assistance.  I was disable before I became pregnant, and more so now 10 months after my daughter. It's just my mom, my 2 daughters, and I. Financially things have been ruff. I just started with this company, so far is been good. I promote/ recruit. The perks are wonderful and the payout is good. It's FREE to join, training if any is needed is FREE, the support team is great, and they also give you a FREE website. If interested feel free to contact me . You can even find info on my blog

I wish you the best of luck, hope to hear from you soon

God bless!!

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Re: Making an extra income

I use Facebook almost exclusively to make an extra income. I'm happy to share how I do what I do. Let me know if you're interested!


Blessings to you!

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Re: Making an extra income

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I know a lot of women who find secret talent's and make homemade items and sell them on Etsy.


Me personally I was looking for something that would help with weight management, sustained energy (I was a 3 cup of coffee/5 cans of coca cola drinker), immune support and step sister suggested I tried this product she was using/promoting called Thrive and I absolutly loved it. I heard this saying that goes "Your children should leave your home with peace not the echos of your frustrations" and that was me. I was the mom who was soooo tired that I snoozed my alarm until the last minute, have to walk 6 blocks to my sons school and I complained the whole way  (I'm hot, tired, dont wanna do it) because I was lazy and tired my son got a lot of hurry up youre taking forever and how many times do i have to tell yous. It wasn't good. I'd get back home make coffee and sleep while watcing Netflix/taking care of my at the time 4 month old.


It's been almost two weeks straight since I've been using Thrive and I have completely given up coffee and soda, I now wake up an hour naturally before my alarm goes off feling well rested and happier, I walk my son to school still even though now I have a ride, and he is early, I have used the extra energy to come home and do house chores and just by doing that plus drinking only water I havve lost 5 pounds. Any time I have a question, since now I am promoting it, I have tons of people who are willing to help, jump on a 3 way phone call and never steal my customers/promoters. There are no website fees, no parties, the only time you pay for anything is if you buy product. It's amazing! If you want to learn more check out:


Lots of luck in your job hunting!!


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