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Homeschooling - to co-op or not to co-op?

Has anyone here joined a co-op or do you plan to?


I'm a pretty conservative Christian, I think a co-op can be good, especially if you don't otherwise have access to a variety of activity options, but I don't think they are necessary either.


For me, the point of homeschooling isn't so much to be home. I want to give my daughter the best education possible, whether that is in my home or outside of it. I think supplementary activities can have a great value in education, if they fit in with your values. Would love to hear other opinions...

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Re: Homeschooling - to co-op or not to co-op?

I was homeschooled throughout my highschool years, and hated it. I missed out on so much in the social aspect. My brother was homeschooled from 3-12th grade, and is very socially awkward because he didn't have much interaction with anyone but family.  We used Lighthouse Christian Academy (the ones who developed the ACE program).

Where I lived in TN, there was no homeschooling co ops or support groups, except about 3 hours away.. and my county did not support homeschooling so there really wasnt a way to start one either.

Alot of places just simply don't have that option available. I think the idea is good, because it allows the children to interact with other individuals, but i do believe that they would still be missing out on developing key social skills that comes from interacting on a daily basis with other individuals. I understand too that times have changed and social media has made the normal teenage drama so much more cruel and homeschooling protects them from that (as well as crazy loons who go into schools and do bad things) but I don't see how a small co-op group is going to help socially either.. I'm curious to see if someone can explain co ops a little better :smileyhappy:

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