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Activities for an almost 1 year old



I'm a stay at home mom in the hottest state ever.......Mississippi. I'm not a creative person at all and  I need activity ideas for my little girl who will be one next month.  She's getting bored of her toys, the daily pool visit and finger painting.  The town we live in has absolutely nothing to do in it.  I'm in desperate need of ideas before her and I go crazy!!! Haha.....please help!! Thank you.

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Re: Activities for an almost 1 year old

That can be a difficult age I completely understand! Have you tried sensory boxes? Large tupperware with different sensory objects? You can bury them in sand or even better (for inside the house) dry oats or dry beans and it gives them something to dig through to find objects! Be careful with beans at this age so they don't choke, but it is an option!

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Re: Activities for an almost 1 year old

I had the same issue when I lived in MS. Try getting butcher paper, tape it to the walls and let your little one have at it. Painting, drawing, gluing whatever you want. You could also try just changing up the way you do something. Instead of a bath try the shower, plus it saves your back.

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Re: Activities for an almost 1 year old

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Well we get the "best" of both worlds in my state: extreme cold/snow and heat. Fun stuff, right? I'm a stay-at-home mom to three, a blogger, and an elementary education major. I would take the opportunity to use the time to be your child's own personal teacher. With three kids, 5 and under, I say that activities are a stay-at-home-mom's best friend. 

Some indoor-friendly-activities for a 1-2 year old:

1. Practicing gross motor skills (throwing a ball, stomping feet, clapping hands) with songs, games, or fingerplays.

2. Practicing fine motor skills (using a crayon, picking up small objects under supervision, playing with non-toxic play dough or goup, sensory bins)

3. Busy Bags (Create small activities and put in a small tote or pencil bag--create many of these as children of this age have short attention span.)

4. Practice sign language-- up, mom, dad, drink, eat, please (all good starter signs)

5. Read (Reading to your child for at least 20 minutes a day is really beneficial for their vocabulary/speech and brain development)

6. Social Interactions (play peek-a-boo, "soooooo big!!!", Itsy Bitsty Spider Tickle, sing to them)

7. Independant play (pots and pans)


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