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How early did you notice autism in your child?

How early is too early?

I've read research that some parents start to notice that something is wrong when the infant is only a few months old, and there's some signs like when your baby doesn't look at your eyes when you talk to him.

Any one have experiences with this?

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Re: How early did you notice autism in your child?

Good question. I'm interested to hear other's response. My daughter has a rare genetic syndrome and didn't make eye contact until she was 5 months old.  She wasn't diagnosed until she was 5 so until then we didn't know what to contribute all of her "issues" to.

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Re: How early did you notice autism in your child?

Usually symptoms begin to present themselves early on..but alot doesn't usually happen til after the 1 year mark -18 months -3 years.


My daughter made eye contact, loved to be snuggled and cuddled, and hit every developmental milestone early, except no babbling. She did everything great until her first birthday, then all of a sudden quirks began happening. I raised my concern to her doctor about her not responding to her name and etc.. and because her father has horrible ears (had one ear drum reconstructed) her doctor sent her for hearing tests and as well as began a recommendation for speech therapy. it took 2 months to get her a hearing test and it was determined she had only 40% hearing due to fluid buildup (no infections).. and tubes were placed a few weeks later. They expected her to start talking within two weeks. Nothing. Speech began at 19.5 months, and along with the spinning, jumping, and talking to the wall behaviors. They just told me monday they are recommending an autism diganosis, as she scored 41 "risks/symptoms" on a 15 catagory assessment. She also had scored above average for many skills. Communication is zero. and .05 percentile. So we are really lacking there. I recommend trying to get in with a early intervention program / speech therapists..who can help get you an autism diagnosis if thats what you are suspecting. I didn't notice anything until after the 1 year mark though. In fact, If you had compared my DD with my friends baby early on, you'd think mine was the normal one and hers would have autism..then bam..things changed so quick. Early intervention is a key factor in helping to "retrain" your babies brain and can help provide a better outcome for school later on. :smileyhappy: I'm all for it. Although it totally totally totally sucks. I feel like I failed in doing the one thing Moms are supposed to do. I know I can't blame myself, but at the same time. Its super hard not to think "what if.."

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