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Activities for children with special needs

I'm just curious what type of activities if any your special needs child is involved in.  My daughter has participated in 3 pageants for children with special needs.  She also started with a cheer squad for children with special needs back in June.  I love the pageants.  It's not your typical pageant environment.  Every child that participates has different abilities.  Some are in wheelchairs, use walkers, ride in wagons and all exert their beautiful qualities from within!  It's such a loving experience.  Every child gets a crown and trophy everyone makes the feel so special in their pretty attire (boys and girls!).  Her cheer squad is children of different abilities from age 5 up to teenagers!  There are only 8 on the squad now but it's slowly growing as the word gets out.  They have their first "performance" at a high school basketball game halftime this month. 

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Re: Activities for children with special needs

Good Job Mod Christine. The activities you have described can be worth using for my firends special needs learning school. You seem to really a lot engaging anf fun loving person. Taking care of kids with special needs is cumbersome task and I think you are doing a great kob in this. Thanks for sharing such activities as well.


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