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Single Mom and dating

When I was a single Mom, dating was so hard. Not like the days with no kids and nobody to think about but myself. How do you handle dating and being a single Mom?
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Re: Single Mom and dating

Truthfully I'm wondering the same thing. Once you figure it out let me know because I seriously haven't started yet but would like to eventually.

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Re: Single Mom and dating

I think it's all about the guy. I'm sure you know a lot of guys you might have thought to date, but now with kids, you realize for one reason or another, he's not the one. It's not just about you anymore. 


I am the mother of a very busy 2 1/2 year old. I met my boyfriend at work. I was very apprehensive about dating (especially him meeting my daughter). But after we were talking for a while, we went on our first date. He came to my house and met my daughter right then. It wasn't something I would have done (had I over analzed the decision), but it felt right. My daughter loves him (and he adores her).  


Take your time (and trust your gut). 

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Re: Single Mom and dating

I've also started dating a guy who knows that I'm a single mother and wants to meet my newborn. It's really finding a guy mature enough to handle the situation. Once you find one, you'll know. Good luck!
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