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My mother made me feel horrible

So this morning my mom was supposed to come over to take care of my son for the day while I'm at work.  I have daycare lined up for him when I need it but she insisted that she take him today.  It's not the first time she's watched him but lately she's been late getting there.  I asked her to be at my house at 7am so I can get ready without having to worry about bottles, etc.  Today she's 20 minutes late, my son woke up at 7 for his bottle and I ended up being late to work.  When I brought it up to her, she gave me that know, that "mother" look where she's hurt and dissapointed and makes you feel like the scum of the earth.  Was I really wrong to bring it up to her that she was causing me to be late to work?  Really? I know she's helping me by saving me money from daycare and I do want her to have her own time with my son but is this really the cost?  To consistantly be late to work because I can't bring up the fact that she's making me late for work?


Am I really that much of a jerk for being annoyed? :smileysad:  Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: My mother made me feel horrible

Honestly, I think if your Mom commits to watch your child so you can go to work, she should understand the importance of being there on time. Your job is your livelihood. She knows you have daycare available to you so on days she asks to watch her grandchild, she should know that means being punctual so you can get to work.
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