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Re: How Do You Meet Friends?

I met my husband at my work also :smileyhappy: His son and I bonded from day 1, and he says the first day he went to pick him up, he saw me laughing and dancing with the kids and he knew then he wanted to get to know me. I wanted nothing to do with him at first.. but then we had a terrible first date, i gave him a second chance by going with him and his son to the shelter to help pick out a dog for them, and he pretended to know nothing about dogs when in reality he trained search and rescue dogs for the state! Sneaky! However, it worked, we've been stuck like glue since Sept 2008. Will be married for 2 years in June :smileyhappy:


As for the friends thing, I find it hard being a stay at home mom and student  to make friends, because I dont really have the time (or desire, to be honest) to go to all these kids events in my town because i know half the county from working with their kids and I just want my privacy when i'm out and about with my daughter.. Not the "OH HEYYYY HOW ARE YOU" .. i know they mean well, but I feel like they are judging me based on my baby . I do get pretty lonely, i'll admit. I've met a few friends at parks and etc. Its hard when you have kids..alot harder!

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Re: How Do You Meet Friends?

laylas mom,


I hear ya on the making friends part. I find as I get older I don't really want to make more new friends. It sound horrible, but its the truth. I always tell my friends that I should come with a disclaimer "warning: not good friend material!"


I have a hard time planning ahead, I'm more of a fly by the seat of my pants sort of gal:smileyhappy:





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