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My First Pregnancy

Have anybody else felt their baby move yet?? im 17 weeks ,ill be 18 weeks on the 29th. My baby due date is Sep 29,2014

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Re: My First Pregnancy

With my first I didn't feel him until after 20 weeks but with my daughter I felt her much earlier.

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Re: My First Pregnancy

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I felt mine really move at 16 weeks, Im 18 now, Im due Sept 21. This is my first pregnancy as well. And by really move I mean a strong little kick or puch on my lower belly, before that it was marbles rolling arond in my belly. 

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Re: My First Pregnancy

Yes I have. I am 19 weeks now but for the past 2 weeks it's gradually become more noticeable and frequent. I think I may have never realized the flutters but can finally feel the kicks. I've read that sometimes it's not noticeable for another couple weeks. :0)
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Re: My First Pregnancy

I have the same due date, September 29th. I have not felt any movement yet (as far as I can tell), but from what I have heard, many first time moms just don't recognize the movement since it starts so small. In the beginning it is more like a flutter, so it can be mistaken for hunger pains or even gas! Good luck to you!


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