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Due 9/27 - First time mom

Hi, I'm a first time mommy due on 9/27.  I'm also an older mom, I'll be 42 next month.  I'd love to hear what others that are due around the same time are going through throughout their pregnancies! 

Right now I'm:

  • Terrified something will go wrong (especially due to my age)
  • Exhausted all the time
  • Experiencing constant nausea w/ some vomiting
  • Not sure how to tell my parents...I'm in a loving, committed relationship with a great guy, but not married, which they can't understand and openly complain about.  And they will worry about chromosomal issues due to my age - my dad already said - DO NOT GET PREGNANT (with a list of dumb reasons, of course).  I don't want to take on their worries, I have enough of my own!  Here I am worrying for them/about them already...
  • Concerned about balancing a healthy pregnancy with a demanding job
  • Wondering how to balance a healthy family life with a demanding job
  • Feeling the most amazing JOY ever, this is a dream come true!!

So, there's the short list...  :smileyhappy:


Nice to meet all of you!

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Re: Due 9/27 - First time mom

Hi!  Welcome and congratulations!!!  I totally understand your worries.  Please try not to let your family steal your joy during this wonderful time! Babies are a gift and I would hope that them seeing how happy you are, will soften any bad feelings they may have.  Best wishes during your pregnancy!

~ Christine ~
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Re: Due 9/27 - First time mom

I'm 30, married, employed, and own my own home. My father was STILL upset when I told him! I don't understand! I'm letting him make the next move but I haven't heard from him in weeks. Whatever. My mom, step-mom, and mother-in-law are all super excited, so we don't need him, LOL. This is the first grandchild on my family's side too.
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Re: Due 9/27 - First time mom

Hey! Congradulations! I'm also a first time mom and am due September 24th. I'm terrified of many things, especially making sure it is healthy. I actually lost my job the day I found out I was pregnant which brought on a lot of added stress. But I am thankful in a way too because tired isn't even the right word to describe it.. I am EXHAUSTED! 24/7. So being able to take periodic naps has been a godsend.

As stubborn as your parents may be, I have a feeling they will come around and love their grandchild no matter what. Family is irreplaceable and life is much to short to hold silly grudges. Best of luck!

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Re: Due 9/27 - First time mom

Hi ladies.


Reading both of your stories is indeed touching. 



It is quite shocking that ones parent find it difficult to accept the most natural thing in the world happening to their daughters especially knowing how comfortable you guys are. Your tots are so lucky!!


I'm currently pregnant with my first baby, due on the 26th of Sept.


It wasn't perfect timing as i am studying for my 2nd degree and i've just completed the first year with no permanent job on the horizon.


I'm not married, and i'm only 24 which is mega as i wasn't planning marriage till 26 and getting broody till 27 of which i was on the pill when i concieved.


But as i now know, there is never a thing as the right time. :manembarrassed:


I was dreading telling my parents but told my mum as soon as i found out (she freaked on me a couple of times and we even stopped talking). Seeing her reaction scared me away from telling my dad as he is a man of discipline and morals (not saying i'm not)


To top it up when i told my partner he said he wasnt ready for a baby but would support whatever decision i made only for him to later tell me he was feeling trapped, which didnt help. (he's in his 30's btw)


Long story short, my dad found out whilst my mum was on the phone and i had to go home. To my surprise he was very nice and understanding (still shocked till today!)


And now, almost 2 months down the line, things are settling down and everyones coming round.


I hope my little story has brought some hope to someone today. :smileyvery-happy:


I wish you guys all the best in the months to come :heart: :heart: :heart:

If it's of God, then it's the best!!

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