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Welcome to School Age Kids

Since starting kindergarten, you and your kids have been thrown into a world of homework, new friendships, and after-school activities. Join our group to share advice, stories and friendship with other moms of school-age kids.

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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

Hi, I have a seven year old. She just startied back to school last wednesday. She is in second grade. Last year, homework became increasingly harder to get her to complete. This summer she said she didn't want to go back to school because she didn't want to work that hard. Now she refuses to do her homework, even tho' there are rewards at school and loss of things like dessert at home. I don't know if I'm going about it right, or if I need to change my tactic. Tonight she chose to go to bed and cry herself to sleep rather than touch her homework. I know she's tired when she gets home, so I try to give her an hour or two of wind down time to work on it. Help! I need to get a handle on it early this year so we don't end up with the same struggles at the end of this school year. I'd love some advice!

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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

Hello Everyone! I am in my third year teaching Preschool and my experience has been pretty awesome. I find the children very kind and loving. I hope the mother’s sending their kids to Preschool or kindergarten find my experience pretty interesting and are welcome to share their strategies and methods of handling kids in a better way. Wishing you all a very nice day!

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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

It was around 2nd grade when our daughter (who is not 10) had difficulty with homework. Every night was a struggle with lots of crying. We had her evaluated by an educational psychologist and found out she has a learning difference. She struggles with working memory and short term memory so the simplest task of reading was difficult. I wonder if you can go back to your school and see if you can have her evaluated. It may save you lots of tears.
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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

Hi  other school aged mommies!


My daughter is 6 and in the first grade. She has a mean girl in class, who always picks on my daughter. More homework. Less time do to afterschool activities. She has ballet Mondays, we don't get home until 7, and swim Tuesdays- Thursday, we get home at 6:30. By the time she finishes her homework and has dinner it's time for bed. I feel like we don't have enough time in the evenings !! I work full time, but I wish I did not have to, or had a work from home job. There is not enough time in the day. Math so far this year has been too easy for my daughter I feel like she is not being challenged enough. Reading and writing , she is right on target for her grade level.

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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

As the custodial grandparent of a six year old boy and as a retired teacher, if you feel your child is not being challenged in math do a little extra work on your own. Being ahead of the class never hurts. If the child feels it is too easy they will stop attempting to do their best and will just do what is required to get by. I find myself sometimes silently agreeing with my grandson, "If I can do it right after 2 or 3 problems, why do a page full?" Sometimes I feel teachers attempt to teach on the level of their lowest achiever, not challenge their best!
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Re: Welcome to School Age Kids

I have a 6 year old handsome little man, his father and I are not together and have not been since he was a baby. I have been with my husband since Connor ( my son) was one. My husband has been for of a father then his real dad yet I still have to share custody every other weekend. We recently found out we were having another baby and My son has been having trouble at school. He gets ignored at his fatehrs house as he is one of 5 kids there I am fearful he thinks that will happen at our home. How do i prove to him before hand that this is NOT the case. He is a smart boy and should not be having this trouble at school. It is now starting to leak into our home life as well


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