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Stopping thumb sucking habit

My DD will be 6 yrs old in a couple weeks and has always sucked her thumb. It is mainly a comfort thing she does when she is tired and at night when she sleeps. Well, it is actually starting to make her fromt teeth poke out a bit and her dentist suggested we used this product called a Thumb Guard ( and we should really try to get her stop sucking her thumb this year.


Has anyone here used this product? Does it work? I can imagine my strong-willed child having issues with this and whining about it. 


If you have succesfully stopped a thumb sucking habit using other methods, please feel free to tell me and give me some suggestions/advice. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Stopping thumb sucking habit

I can completely relate - getting my kids to stop sucking their thumbs was one of the most challening aspects of parenting to date! While I never tried the thumb guard, it is certainly something to consider. However, perhaps trying a few other methods first before resorting to the Thumb Guard would work just as well. 

Here are a few tactics that worked for me:

-letting them pick out a special stuffed animal or blanket to be used only at bedtime/naptime. If they have something new to sleep with, it may divert them from the thumb sucking. 

-reward good behavior! A fancy straw to drink out of at meals worked well for me. 

-use lots of diversions. Note when the thumb sucking happens and have a method ready to distract them (i.e. a special toy, a snack, etc). 


Hope these tips helped! Like I said, this is no easy challenge so don't beat yourself up if it's not solved in a week! 


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