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Should my kids switch schools?

My ex-wife and I are struggling to decide what to do with our kids. She lives in the town where the kids go to school, but as a result of her work schedule and our joint custody arrangements, the kids wake up 4 out of 5 school days every week at my house, 35 minutes away from their school. On these mornings, we all wake up very early and I drive them to their mother's house where I put them on the bus since their mother is working. As a result of our crazy morning routine, the kids are often tired, cranky, and sometimes unprepared for school since homework, mittens, sneakers, etc., are often forgotten in the chaos. My ex and I get along well, but I still know the divorce was hard on the kids. In the beginning, it was important to both of us to keep them in their original schools to avoid any other big changes. But now I'm starting to think that maintaining that old lifestyle is putting even more stress on the kids. Should we switch the kids to the school in my town where I can easily get them on and off the bus to avoid the morning mayhem, or should we keep them in their current school to try maintain some sense of stability for them?
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Re: Should my kids switch schools?

I won't suggest you to go for switching of schools so soon. Children do have such habits as you have described. But switching might make things worse. Kids develop a relationship and build friendship in school which makes them easily grow and frequent switching would have a negative effect on kids performance.

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Re: Should my kids switch schools?

Though it is not advisable to switch schools so often, but going through their parents hardship and problems, they should think of other alternatives, a time schedule to suit both. The parenting time schedule is a big part of the parenting agreement.
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Re: Should my kids switch schools?

I don't know that I would switch them because a 35 minute drive doesn't sound like a lot to me, but is there a chance you can drop them off at school yourself instead of waiting on a bus every morning? Then you wouldn't have to leave as early maybe? Around here a child has to wait for the bus for a long time before school even begins which is normal since the bus route is long. Perhaps the school offers a before or after school program the children can be a part of.


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