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School Class choice

We have a 15 year old that was picking out class schedule for next fall.  She is currenlty in Art and Band classes and are two of her best grades in school.  She decided she did not want to continue in either of the classes in next school year.  Instead, she was going to take several elective classes as "fillers" for her schedule.   Her reason that she gave for dropping both of the classes was that she did not like the teacher or was bored.  My concern was that by her filling the void with elective classes that she was taking the easy road and it would not benefit her as she progresses in ther academic career.  So I insisted that she take keep at  least one of these classes.   My wife thinks that I should not have forced her to take one of these options and let her decide her schedule.  I feel as parents it is our responsibility to make sure that our children makes the right choices even if it is not what they want at that time.   Was I wrong in making our daughter take a class that she did not want to take?

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Re: School Class choice

If she's lost interest in those things, or wants to experience something new, don't force her. It's could also be that someone in those classes bothers her, or she doesn't fit in. As long as she's meeting her requirements, and passing the other classes, it shouldn't make a difference for her to drop those for the other electives. If you're burnt out on band, you're done. Forcing her to do it is just going to make things worse.
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