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Mentally drained need help with a special child

I have a 7 year old who has fought MANY health battles in her short life. After getting radiation at 3, she lost it mentally. She's not the same child and I was told that the effects would have gone away by now, the doctors are no help they tell me to keep waiting. At school, she is just barely over the line for needing help so she doesn't get any. She can't handle any type of stress and spends a good chunk of the day crying or arguing with us over things that a normal child would be able to understand. I know it sounds horrible, but I don't know what to do with her. I don't think that I have much more to offer her and anything I try back fires. Nothing in my house is a simple task ...I have to walk her through just about every motion or it doesn't get completed. I know there ae kids out there that are worse off than her but I don't know what parents do with them so that they have a more enriched life :smileysad:


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