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Re: Kindergarten?!

I'm so glad she loves school! I bet she is pooped by the time she is home.


Ruby starts preschool next week. We are trying to get her excited about it. I'm wondering what I am going to do with 6 whole hours of time with no children. I'm excited but it will be strange :smileyhappy: 

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Re: Kindergarten?!

It was really hard and still is for me to accept that my baby is growing up!! She is my only child and I just want her to stop growing up!! :smileysad:
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Re: Kindergarten?!

Millions of parents launch their kids in Preschool first as they know that Kindergarten is more academic than Preschools. Once your child gets comfortable with teachers and other group of children there is nothing to worry about. Preschooler's are trainned in such a manner that moving to Kindergarten is no more troublesome.

Pacific Preschool & Kindergarten is an administration running preschool in San Marcos, CA. We understand the needs of children, parents and staff as well.
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Re: Kindergarten?!

I am so happy that my boy went to preschool for three years. I would be so nervous. Kindergarten is so academic now.


I have a blog to tell about my son's adventure into kindergarten-


My son needed a lot of work this summer. I'll be writing about that soon. Mike is doing so well now. It is great.

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