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Advice on starting a Garden Club at elementary school.

 Hi everyone :-) 

 I am going to start a Garden Club at my daughter's school.  There is a few things being grown by some kumu (teachers) on the Hawaiian immersion side. (the school is split, english side and Hawaiian side) I am going to start small and the goal would be an edible garden for the school.

  I have never done this and I have no idea where to start. I am going to open it to all students k-6 both from the english side and our Hawaiian side.  

I am really excited but already feeling overwhelmed.  

 The only experience I have with school clubs are from when I was in school!

Also, any ideas on how to get more parent involvement(not just with gardening club but in general) would be awesome.



Thanks :-) 

P.S. I miss the old forum! :-)

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Re: Advice on starting a Garden Club at elementary school.

That sounds quiet interesting. I would say add some activites day for parents as there kids would love to watch there parents do a playful act in front of them. That would be an engaging act too and would bring much of involvement both for kids and elders. Also you can make some sort of defined area for them and give them a task to get the best out of there garden area so and then award the best among them in the end. That would add engagement for the parents as well as beaty to your garden elementry school as well. I rally loved your idea. Go for it!!

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Re: Advice on starting a Garden Club at elementary school.

The aim of garden club for children is to give them a lot of hands-on experience of growing. Try growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. Another valuable teach you can provide is to make the garden as eco-friendly as possible. Must teach the concept of reducing, recycling and reusing  to children.


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