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Re: 7 Year Old Daughter with bad sleeping Habits!! HELP!!

My grandson, now six and in the 1st grade, has lived with us most of his life. The rest of the time, other than 6 weeks during his Pre-School, he lived nearby. Since the time his mother moved him from KY to FL, before we assumed legal custody, he has REFUSED to sleep by himself.

At first we thought something must have happened while he was away. Now he just says he cannot sleep without ME! He begs and pleads until he is sobbing his heart out for me not to "send him away". Even taking in consideration the possibility of a bad experience, ie. left alone all night with relative strangers; forced to stay with his Mother in strange locations; but hopefully nothing worse, we feel that after approx. 18 months back with us he should feel secure enough to go back to his own room.

We have decorated his room with stars that glow in the dark, left a hallway light on, used a nightlight, left TV on very low, provided stuffed animals that glow, let him have sippie cup of milk, and stayed with him reading several books until he falls asleep. He still will not stay in his room all night.

He must get up at 6:30 AM to prepare for school and is so tired at the end of the day that he has to take a nap as soon as he arrives home. As a result of this nap it is difficult to set a reasonable bedtime. It is either stay with him in my bed until he falls asleep by 9 - 9:30 or fight with him trying to make him stay in his bed until sometimes 1 AM.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

PS: He also has a great fear of abandonment by me since his mother did not come back from FL when she sent him back to live with us.
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