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6 year old behavior

My son recently turned 6 and started 1st grade. He has trouble focussing in class and often gets into trouble because of that. He has also started to act funny and getting into more trouble recently and nothing seems to motivate. He behaves differently at home. He is playful. I am trying to work with in understanding right behavior at school and any public setting. I am not sure what else I can do to motivate him and help him from going into wrong direction?
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Re: 6 year old behavior

Have you discussed his focus and attention problems with his pediatrician? That would be my suggestion as a next step.
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Re: 6 year old behavior

These changes may be according age. So do not worry about it. if you have problem then talk to your child and try to know the reason.


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Re: 6 year old behavior

Have you had his vision and hearing tested?  Sometimes lack of focus and attention, as well as, misbehavior can be due to the fact that they can't see or hear properly.  There could also be some dyslexia issues.  After checking out these things, there could be other issues but I found a great aid for frustrated parents that actually works and gets children to perfom and behave within acceptable norms.  It is quick and easy for the parent and simple to understand for the child.  It seems to come with a built-in consistency factor that gives the parent the ability to take charge and get what they want; for me, that was happy, first-time obedience.  I found it worked especially well with difficult children and strong-willed children.  I found kids with ADHD responded extremely well to it because it was consistent and the rewards worked  with their disorder.  I found the title to the book intriguing.  From Combat Zone to Love at Home:  The Happy Face Token System.  So I tried it with the author's guarantee of happy success within 30 days or my money back.  Seeing as how nothing has worked I thought it was worth a try.  Wonder of Wonder's!  It is the most amazing, simple and result-producing family program I have ever used.  Try it, you might like it too. and are two sources I found that give good information.

Good luck.

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Re: 6 year old behavior

Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for that book recommendation - I desperatly need some help in my house and this book sounds like a good start!

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Re: 6 year old behavior

I had great help from a behavioral therapist. We didn't need to see her for an extended amount of time, she was able to give me the tools I needed to guide my son in the right direction.




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