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Re: miscarriages


          Yes that is a great sign! Just stay positive! We have recently started TTC again and I am trying not to be overlynervous about it. Just going to go with the flow of things the best I can. Trying to keep my focus on other aspects of life like trying to get healthier and am doing a pretty good job at it. Since June 2013 I have lost and kept off 24 pounds!!  I still have a ways to go to get to my goal (which may be a little adventourous bc I would like to get back to what I weighed when I first joined the military almost 11 years agao) but am motiviated and have set small goals for myself each month!   Keeping my fingers crossed for you! 

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Re: miscarriages

My first pregnancy ended with a missed misscarriage as well, it was back in September.  I am pregnant again -about 6 weeks-  and am being a lot more cautious about the foods I'm eating and my activities.  We have told two family members who are very supportive and close to me, but other than that I am not sharing the news with anyone.  I am trying to relax because worry is the opposite of being healthy.  I just have to accept whatever life decides to bring me.  Good luck to everyone & may you all have safe pregnancies and healthy babies!

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Re: miscarriages

I've had two miscarriages since we started trying. The first one was an estopic pregnancy, lost so much blood and stayed in the hospital for over five days and after that a six wees recovery. The second one was just over a month ago and sometimes I blame myself for it becouse I didn't slow down at work at first (I'm a chef) but all I what is to become a mother. Now as my doctor would say its time to get up on that horse and keep trying.
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Re: miscarriages

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First and foremost, CONGRATULATONS mommy :smileyhappy: . But, I totally feel your pain. I have had one miscarriage, it was my first pregnancy she was my baby girl. My fiancee and I were so excited. I was about 19 weeks along when I miscarried her. My advice is to just take it one day at a time, becasue sometimes we freak ourselves out trying to view the whole puzzle, when really we should just be focussing on the pieces.


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Re: miscarriages

Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy. Yes it is normal that you are still scared but you should not because this is your chance to have a complete family now. If I were you, try to make yourself busy. Not physically but mentally so you cannot worry anymore. Let me also share here iwth you a site you can use to know how accurate is the use of pregnancy due date, good luck.


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