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Im afriad to tell my family that i am pregnant. They are all hypocrites and have turned their backs on me. I have raised my 7 yr old alone and i feel like this us my second chance too have the family my 7 yr old and i deserve. How do i tell them
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Re: family

First of all, congratulations!


Sometimes we work things up in our minds to be a bigger deal than they really are. First remind yourself that no matter how your family responds, this is your baby and you are happy to be giving your 7 year old a little brother or sister. You raised the first one on your own and you can do it again.


The best way to approach anything is with love. Just lovingly tell your family you are pregnant and you would love their support. Let them know that you feel like they have really missed out on some of the most rewarding times in your life and you hope that history does not repeat its self.


Congratulations once again. Please know that I am always around here if you need someone to talk to.




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