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eating help

I need some help I hate just about ALL! veggies but I like fruits is it ok not to eat veggies and just fruit?

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Re: eating help

I suggest try veggies again. You don't have to like all of them but a few would help. Don't eat them plain, try to season them. Learn different ways to prepare them so you can find out what way you can tolerate them....maybe even like them.


Here is the way I like my veggies.


spinich: raw, I use it in place of lettuce. I won't eat it cooked (yuk) it has so much good stuff for you that I am happy to eat it.


Broccoli: lightly steamed, not mushy and not raw. I happen to like it plain but my kids won't eat it without a little seasoning.


Carrots: raw or cooked. If they are raw I like them shreded in salad. If cooked they are so sweet when you slowly cook them in a pan with a little olive oile and they carmalize.


If you love fruit, try juicing and adding your veggies that way. If you juice oranges and add a few handfuls of spinich, it will look green but taste just like orange juice and you get all the good stuff that spinich has to offer.


My other suggestion is to talk to your doctor. Veggies offer things that are important for your health and imune system. He may want you top do supplements if you can't get those things through the food you eat.



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Re: eating help

If you absolutely do not like vegetables after trying to cook them a variety of different ways, I would suggest talking to your doctor about vitamin/mineral supplements.  He/she can recommend ways to get certain vitamins and minerals into your body that you would normally get through vegetables.  It's always best to eat a balanced diet but if you absolutely can't, your dr. can guide you to keep you healthy. :smileyhappy:

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Re: eating help

I eat it all lol ANYTHING tht touch my plate
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Re: eating help

I know a few ways to sneak veggies in that don't even taste like veggies.


Cauliflower: Boil the crap out of it, then mush it and season it just like mashed potatoes. It tastes just like mashed potatoes, and my cousins cant get enough of it.

Spinach: If you make a sandwich, use spinach, like previously posted, like salad. My cousins can't taste the difference. And it's packed full of awesome vitamins for you.

Carrots: Cooked or raw. For cooked, you can boil or steam them, and once they're done, sprinkly a tiny bit of brown sugar ontop of them. For raw, smother them in light ranch dressing, or even fat free. Regular ranch kinda just runs off of the carrot, and doesnt stick to them like the light or fat free does.

Sweet potatoes: They are so sweet and yummy you really don't need to add anything. If you add butter, and whip them with a little brown sugar, the make yummy mashed taters :smileyhappy:

Broccoli: Steamed broccoli is excellent for you. Add a little dash of salt and pepper, or lemon and pepper (if you like lemon) My cousins eat it up!

Peas: You can never have enough peas... ever! Canned peas are the squishiest and easier to just "suck it up and swallow" without having to chew if you don't like the texture.

Parsnips: Sliced thin, and baked in the over, or fried and drained, they make yummy  "potato chips". Hard to tell the difference.

Any questions, you can find me on a forum :smileyhappy:


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