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back pain during first trimester

Hi Ladies. Currently im 6 weeks pregnant going for 7 weeks. Is it normal to experience lower back pain ?  ive been having it for the past 2 weeks already ?  no blood or cramping involved . Never had this with my first one, well not that i can remember.


@ christine thank you for ur reply on my 1st message, still new to site dunno how to reply.  But can one get high blood pressure as early as 6 weeks ?  going to see the gynie the 16th april  ?

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Re: back pain during first trimester

I have no idea but I would say anything is possible. Our body goes through a big change during pregnancy and every woman feels things that others may not.


I don't think there is any reason to be alarmed, but maybe mention it to your doctor next time you see him. If it is very uncomfortable, call your doctor to see him sooner than later.



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Re: back pain during first trimester

I'm having back pain and I am 8 weeks with my third. I didn't have any with my first two, not during the first trimester. What helps me is a deep massage with stretches (downward pressure on the lower back while in the downward dog position). That works wonders for me! Even puts me to sleep sometimes.
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Re: back pain during first trimesters

I've read it is def normal and every pregnancy is different. I spot off and on a couple days a week but the two ultra sounds I've had showed everything was great! I was also sick as a dog with my daughter but for this one, only sick in the am and fine all throughout the day. Crazy how different one pregnancy can be from the other. Good luck and don't stress! My doctor told me don't worry about anything unless there is a lot of bright red blood, like filling a pad, then give him a call. :smileyhappy:
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Re: back pain during first trimesters

I am about 6 weeks as well and have been having some lower back pain/discomfort as well. Nothing major just achy and sore like I need to stretch but no amount of stretching helps. So you are not alone, I feel your pain... lol!

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Re: back pain during first trimester

I am 5 weeks and 2 days and my back pain is getting ridiculous already. But my doctor told me this morning not to worry about it and if it gets to much worse before my next appt she would set me up with physical therapy. So I guess its not to bad. Lol
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