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Young and Terrified

Im 17 years old. I turn 18 in two more month. Tricky part is....I'm 6 weeks pregnant. The father is not supportive and parents aren't either. Most of my life i spent taking care of younger family members and always dreamed of being a mother. Here i am now about to be a mother of my own child. At first it was scary just the thought of it really happening. Then I was happy just to know that i was able to concieve. I had been pregnant before but miscarried within a few weeks. Now i am goingthrough the pains, the bloating, and morning sickness that hits me all hours of the day. Im scared of raising this on my own but i cant bring it to myself to end it or give it away. I fear terrible that i will be a bad mother due to my young age. :womansad:

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Re: Young and Terrified

I don't think that age that has ANYTHING to do with whether you will be a bad mom or not! I think it has to do with your previous experiences and your openness to advice and learning all you can about parenting and child development.
Also, just the fact that you are concerned about it means you are conscious of the need to NOT be a bad mom, and I think that is a great start! (:
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Re: Young and Terrified

If you set your mind to it, you can be an amazing mom! It's all your choice.

Please look into Nurse-Family Partnership, it's a free program that will help you build a great foundation for a baby. If you're interested, you have to enroll prior to your 20-week of pregnancy or so, so look into it sooner than later. If there are not locations in your area, look into other programs. In most places, you'll find you have at least a few organizations that will help you get on the right track. 

Sending prayers from Dallas!

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Re: Young and Terrified

Unfortunately there are SOOO many young and single moms out there. You are def not alone! There are also a ton of different places and programs that can help you along your journey of your pregnancy and raising your little peanut.
I obviously don't know your parents at all, but if they have cared and loved you for your whole life, they will eventually get on board. I'm sure right now is just a big shock to them. Once they see their grand baby for the first time, they just might have a change of heart. But if they don't, everything will still be okay! Use the resources you have in your area and you will be able to get through this!
Babies are def a challenge but they are such a blessing and just from you seeking advice and being afraid that you might be a "bad mom", def says that you will NOT be a bad mom.
Hang in there sweetie!
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Re: Young and Terrified

Dont be fearful each day you will learn new ways of being a good mom in any event do not give your child away find a support group and you will be fine give your mom time its a process she will come around trust me
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Re: Young and Terrified

Age has nothing to do with how well you parent your child. I was a mother at 17, at age 16 I planned a pregnancy. And now at 21 I have 3 kids (I had twins at 19). Some things will come naturally to you, by pure instinct. Others you'll learn. It's good you've been around kids before, that helped me as well, was having younger siblings to "practice" on. As long as you're being the best mother that you can be, you'll do fine :smileyhappy:
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Re: Young and Terrified

My mom had me on her 18th birthday and she was and IS a fantastic mother :smileyhappy: Like you, she found out she was pregnant at 17 and I happened to be her 18th birthday present. I am 37 now and my mom is still young enough to be a wonderful, active grandparent to my children:smileyhappy: My biological father did not stay in the picture for long, but my mom did have a supportive nana was like a 2nd mother:smileyhappy: AGE alone does not make or break you as a parent. Is their parenting support groups around where you live? Local health units can get you involved in programs and meeting other mothers and mothers to be is very encouraging and they can be a huge support if you are lacking support in other areas. Bing a mom isn't a piece of cake at any age. I NEVER thought I would be doing it again at 37 when my lil darlings are 12 and 10, BUT although I have the insight to know the hard work and sacrafice I can also attest that it is a true labour of LOVE! Good luck and be BRAVE:smileyhappy: Find encouraging people and other moms of any age to surround helps!



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