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The vaginal yeast infections is no longer incurable

The most common fungal pathogens that can cause the vaginitis are mold, it is also an opportunistic pathogen, and usually transmitted through sexual contact. In the female vaginal, if the glycogen and acidity increased or resistance decreased, the bacteria would come into being. Clinically, many patients suffer this disease unspeakably due to the recurrence of vaginal yeast infections.


So, how to properly treat the vaginal yeast infections, and what need to be noticed?


Vaginal medicine and oral medication should not be simultaneously
Clinically, many people use vaginal medicine while taking the oral antibiotics when suffering from vaginal yeast infections. They hold this view that in this way, they are not only can alleviate the symptoms, but also can accelerate the speed. However, the reality is quite the opposite.

This is because there are some restraint relationship between the mold and other microorganisms, so they all can keep a balance in the woman's vagina. So if the glycogen and acidity increased, the mold can multiply become. This also explains that why the diabetics and pregnant women suffering a higher chance of vaginal yeast infections.


If a woman suffered from vaginal yeast infections, it means that the balance of the vagina has been broken. So if she oral medications while use drugs in the vagina, then the vaginal administration will be changed, the disease can be more severe. At that time, if you take the Fuyan pills, then the disease would be cured quickly.

The couple should treat together to avoid the cross-infection

The husband usually is infected by the wife who suffers from vaginal yeast infections through sexual intercourse, and finally their husband also become the carriers. Although the husband has no obvious symptoms, but if the man does not be treated, then the woman will be infected again.


In fact, many women can not be cured permanently; a large part of the reason is that their husband is the carriers. In this case, if the woman is treated by Fuyan pill, their husband should also be treated by the diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills. In this way, the mold can be completely removed and the disease can be cured.


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