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Symptoms to the extreme!

I am possibly on my third pregnancy.  My first two, I went without any early symptoms at all.. ie. morning sickness, bloating, acne, cravings, etc.  I am currently 2 days late, and we have been trying. (praying for a bfp in the next couple days) But let me tell you, this last week or so has been insane!!!  First the bloating.. and I mean BLOATING! I lift my shirt and it looks like I am going to explode.  And oh, the tummy rumbles.  I sound like an angry cat.  Then the emotional rollercoaster.... sappy commercials make me cry, the kids are driving me crazy, and my man can't do anything right (I am normally a very easy going person) And my latest, most irratating symptom.. greasy oily skin.  I wash my face and a few minutes later I look like a grease ball.  Does anyone have any tips on relieving some of these annoying symptoms??


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Re: Symptoms to the extreme!

Oh wow, you've got a bunch going on, I'm sorry you are so miserable! ((hugs!))  Hormones can do crazy things!  Maybe an oil-free wash and cleanser would help with your face?  Mine was super oily during the first trimester but got better as the pregnancy went on.  I am also an easy-going type person but each time I was pregnant I almost knew before my bfp because of my moods and how quickly things irritated me :smileyhappy:

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