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Soon to be uncle, any tips?

Hey everyone,


Name's derek and my twin sister recently got pregnant on march of this year.

She's to have her child in early 2014, late 2013 and i'm somewhat uneasy about this.

For the most part, we're both 20 and she decided to follow in my mom's footsteps (which is an entirley different story and reality from which we've had, her childhood was a lot worse and mistakes were made along the way, but she lost her parents and therefore had limited support from her family to understand the differences from "love" and someone seeking sexual encounters.) -- Back on topic, so... now that my sister is about to have her newborn... she decided to go all out and be a single mother (ignoring the father's urges to be there for his child. Though she said he can still participate on a limited baises in the child's development in life.)

With that said, i'd wanted to see if there were any tips on what i (as an uncle) could do, to participate in this child's life and ultimately learn-along-the-way so that when i'm in my 30s (and have a kid of my own) i won't be clueless on how to raise children. So far i've been looking at this magazine (found in a clinic yesterday) about preganancy and gear for newborn (for dads) and well... i have no clue where to begin.


For the most part, we've been there for her through thick and thin and hope to participate in her life (even though she's in the University of California Irvine, studying to be a major in chemistry and psychics and progressing in her career choice to be an alchemist.)


Any feedback is appreciated, thank you for having the time to read.


- Derek


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