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Sickness @ almost 13 weeks??? and other things

HO-LY Crap. So im laying in bed at 1 am and all of the sudden i feel like im going to yack every where. Heart starts pounding, mouth got watery... then, ita calmed down? Is this morning sickness? I pray its not. I have been a few of the lucky ones and have totally dodged morning sickness through 1st trimester. UGH.

Another thing, i am almost 13 weeks (in a couple of days) and wanted to know if anyone else has swollen up already?
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Re: Sickness @ almost 13 weeks??? and other things

You can get morning sickness all throughout the pregnancy, even if you  didn't in the first trimester, unfortunately.  I'm sorry hun!  HUGS!


I know some women start showing as early as 13 weeks but most start showing closer to 16-22 weeks.  The more children you've had before this pregnancy, the higher chance you will show earlier.  Hope that helped! 


PS Sorry, I'm only 6w0d along with my first, so I can't confirm from my own experience.

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Re: Sickness @ almost 13 weeks??? and other things

Unfortunately, that's when my morning sickness got the worst was around 13 weeks with my first two pregnancies. With my second luckily I mostly had dry heaves and it was all gone by 14 weeks. Like PP mentioned you can have it anytime during pregnancy. I had things good and bad with all my pregnancies. With DD1 I had super super bad MS during the first trimester, then got the meds right and as long as I took meds I was fine. I had to take nausea meds all the way through until delivery. If I ever missed a dose I threw up the next morning. With DD2 it started around 7 weeks but I was violently ill from 12-24 weeks and didn't stop throwing up for good and actually stopped nausea meds around 30 weeks. Like I mentioned at the beginning, DD3 I just had dry heaves, which were really only around 12-14 weeks. I threw up a few times with her during her pregnancy at the site of very stinky poops in the potty and spit up from my niece but that was it.


I also sort of poked out around 13 weeks with all three. The first two it was more gas/ bloating and I shrunk back down a few weeks after before I really started showing around 20 weeks. The third though it was pretty obvious it was a baby.


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