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Sex. It hurts!

Soooo this is embarrassing to talk about, but I hate having sex now that I'm pregnant. It hurts! Everyone told me it would be amazing and I'd love it while pregnant ... not so much. My husband is hugely disappointed since he heard the same stories I did, so now I have to deal with his disappointment too (ugh). Anyone else have this problem? What did you do? 

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Re: Sex. It hurts!

I'm so sorry that the two of you have been let down. Each woman is different and will have their very own experience when it comes to all things about pregnancy.


I recall two extremes when I was pregnant. One pregnancy my husband would have sworn I had been replaced by a sexy beast. Another pregnancy I didn't want to be touched at all, not even on the shoulder:smileyhappy:


When it comes to sex, communication can work wonders. Maybe you can talk to your doctor and explain what is going on and make sure there isn't anything to be concerned about. After that, take a different approach to sex, softer, more gentle etc.



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Re: Sex. It hurts!

I'm having the same problem but you have to find ways that are comfortable to you but fun for him. I'm 34 weeks and I am still finding ways to cope with the problem too. So be adventurous in sex
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Re: Sex. It hurts!

I didnt have this problem.. I have a high drive normally and have yet to loose it at all  (even through 11 months of nursing) and pregnancy only made my drive higher.


You could try different positions, more lubrication, and lots of foreplay.. It seems to be silly common knowledge, but sometimes we forget :smileyhappy: there were positions that hurt me, from what i remember, but I just let DH know and we would change it up and i'd be fine.

 I had sex right at 41 weeks as well.. lol It broke my water :smileywink:  so definitely i agree with emmy's mom on communication and patience!

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Re: Sex. It hurts!

I had that problem with my first pregnancy. It felt like I was a virgin every time we had sex. This pregnancy so far no extra sensitivity to cause the pain.
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Re: Sex. It hurts!

For me the sex isn't painful during but immediately after my stomach knots up and feels like it's tearing and I can't move breathe or anything without intense pain. Very close to the pain from my contractions with my other children. I'm only 19 weeks pregnant and it's been like this my entire pregnacy. This is my sixth pregnancy and I never felt this with my others.
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