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Pregnant at 41,

I just found out last week I am pregnant going to see Dr tomorrow. I have had 5 unexplained 

miscarriages and was told I may have the blood clotting disorder. I do have one healthy son 

from a teen pregnancy. Any advice or questions I should ask? So far I am sick and no cramping or spotting 

all of which I know are good. 


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Re: Pregnant at 41,

How did you doctors appt go? I hope all is well and that this pregnancy works out for you!
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Re: Pregnant at 41,

as for the clotting /blood disorder (sorry, i had a concussion and have terrible short term memory!)  ask for the Rh shot (rhogam) early on! they usually dont give it until 28 weeks, but my friend demanded to have hers early during the pregnancy, and her daughter will be a year old next month.. it definitely made a difference for her. :smileyhappy:

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