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Morning sickness

Hi, I'm suffering from really bad sickness that lat throughout the day..I am always hungry and tired..any advice please.. Struggling to even cook a meal as almost every scent in the kitchen makes me sick
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Re: Morning sickness

Try getting sea bandz (11 bucks at walgreens!) or motion sickness bands from the boating section at walmart, which i saw for 4 bucks.  Its an accupressure band worn on the wrist that helped me get through classes at my college without getting sick (although a few times i couldnt help it!) . It made a huge difference for me.. some women it doesnt help and some it does..but worth a shot :smileyhappy:

Also sea bandz has a ginger gum that you can chew that supposedly helps nausea. I tried it, i didnt care for the flavor, but it did help the nausea.


Babies r us and vitaminn shoppe carry natural herbal teas to help with morning sickness as well.


I read somewhere (and found it to be true) that the key to beating morning sickness is to never really let your stomach get completely empty. Eat something small, every hour. a cracker, some yogurt, etc.. something..anything. To keep your stomach "working", as when it gets empty, it tends to stir up more morning sickness than if you had just ate. (which is probably why you are more sick first thing in the morning after not eating).

Hope that helps!!

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Re: Morning sickness

I agree with the eating frequently advice. I have had on and off nausea for 2 weeks now, and I feel like I'm eating all the time to keep it at bay. Walking outside in the cool air seems to help too.
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Re: Morning sickness

I know of a friend who takes medication for morning sickness. Do you? I know some mom-to-be don't feel like taking medication but if it helps you and it is prescribed by doctor ( its safe ), then why not? Let medication help you to get through this period.


Other than that, try dry crackers (instead of soft food) which can help you to keep food down better. Take care..


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