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Looking sick - 5 weeks pregnant

So everyone is asking me if im sick.  My eyes do have darker circles around them, but other than the normal symptoms of early pregnancy I don't feel sick.

Is it normal for some gals to just look more on the sickly side when pregnant?

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Re: Looking sick - 5 weeks pregnant

Yes!!!!...or at least for me it was being due to the fact that I had my baby a month ago,anyhow--
I understand,I rarely slept while I was pregnant,I always seemed to be so umcomfortable,I lost weight during it,people asked all the time as wasn't easy,quite honestly,especially being so hormonal,I talked to my doctor,he told me as long as the baby and I were ok everything was fine,that obviously every woman has different reactions to their pregnancies(:
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Re: Looking sick - 5 weeks pregnant

No glow here! I looked and felt like a different person when I was pregnant. I did not enjoy my pregnancy at all. It doesnt help when someone says "hey, you don't look so good"


Take good care of your self, get plenty of fest and eat healthy foods. It's all worth it!




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