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Jumpiness and Bloating

I am in my first tri-mester (only at 5 weeks) but I am so jumpy. At work if someone walks up to my desk and says "Hi" I'll jumpt and gasp. If my phone beeps for a reminder or message I jump.


I am guessing it's because of all the hormoes going through me?


Also I am so bloated I already look like a have a pregnancy stomach, and unfortunately I gained weight over the summer (before trying to conceive) so already my pants already were starting to not fit.


Should I bite the bullet and get maternity pants now or just get regular but larger sized pants?



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Re: Jumpiness and Bloating

I've always been jumpy, so I can't help you there, but I can relate to your question regarding bloating and weight gain.


We got married in April and so we were happy and ate and got heavier.  A lot of my work clothes weren't fitting.  I am currently between 5 and 6 weeks and have what could be construed as a pregnant belly . ..  but we aren't telling anyone about it until after the holidays - when we are closer to 3 months.


I keep reading things about maternity wear, belly bands and "inbetween" clothes for after giving birth . . . I really don't want to but 2 whole new wardrobes.  May just live in yoga pants . . . 

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Re: Jumpiness and Bloating

I can't answer re the jumpiness part, but UT might be better to get in between clothes right now and pick up some maternity clothes later.

Re having to buy a maternity wardrobe, it's totally worth it IMO. You'll need the inbetween clothes for a few months, then the maternity clothes for the rest of pregnancy and a month or so after baby, and then the inbetween clothes for a little bit again. It's nice to have some nice maternity wear, it's more comfortable and there's something about dressing well that keeps you feeling up.
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Re: Jumpiness and Bloating


          Since I found out that I am pregnant I have noticed that I have been a lot more jumpy or easily startled. Before I found out I was not easily startled by anything but have noticed that I am a lot more jumpy now.


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