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Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

When my husband and I first started talking about having a baby, I was all about planning the timing. I thought it would be great to have a spring baby - then I would be off for 10 to 12 weeks during prime walking outdoor weather. I also wouldn't be super pregnant during summer. I had a friend who had a baby in August and looked miserable in the hot, humid summer weather.


Turns out, the March I gave birth was one of the hottest on record. I had to go out and buy new shorts to walk outside - and I still limited time outdoors to early morning and late evening so my LO wouldn't get too hot. Go figure :smileyhappy:


I'm curious to know if you had an ideal timeline for your pregnancy. Did it work out?

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Re: Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

I sure didnt.. lol me and DH had a huge arguement about children, I wanted to wait til we were married, and I preferably was done with college in a year, and then our truck would be paid off as well. So we set a wedding date of October 11, 2012 (10/11/12) and then  I stopped birth control  on dec 1,  2011. My doctors all told me that it could be a year before we got PG so i figured "oh heck, if i got pregnant in december or even january of 2012 would be great. so I'd be due in the cooler months." Nope, I was pregnant 45 days later, due October 7th!


Layla arrived october 14th, and we had to move our wedding up to June. I will never, ever be 7-8-9 months pregnant during a florida summer EVER again. It was miserable..

We are planning to "possibly" try again in May, so I'd be due in february /march.. alot cooler here..  I'd say there are "best" times to be pregnant if you live in a hot climate like florida. A winter baby would be great.  If you live in a cool climate, a winter baby would keep you warm. :smileywink:

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Re: Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

Of all my pregnancies, the easiest one was when I was due in November. I get morning sickness bad and it is way worse when it is hot out (summer time! blagh).


I get really big really fast too but it is hard to miss the summer months while you are pregnant and each trimester has it's drawbacks. Summer just seems to exacerbate them.

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Re: Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

My good friend planned both of her pregnancies so that she had her babies in the summer. Her husband is a teacher and that ensured she had more help! Good (or I'd say - LUCKY) planning on her part! 

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Re: Is there a "best time" to get pregnant?

I am a teacher so I tried to plan so that it would be the end of school. Got pregnant a little faster than I expected, but only a month off. My son was born mid-May. Only had to take a month off and then had the whole summer off.
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