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I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

this may seem a little strange but I heard of it happening before but wondering what I should do. since the beginning of January I have been experiencing what I describe as fetal movements not gas I was instructed to take a gas relief medication+ which I did and still every day I feel it I went to er and they gave me both urine and blood test I asked for an ultrasound they refused` due to negative results they did say i had a uti and bladder stone gave me more meds and still no change I have been cramping, sore and tender breast every other day, frequent urinating, heartburn, dizzy, back aches, always feeling full but still hungry, tingling or electric feeling in boobs, occasional nausea and for the last 2 months my periods have been quite abnormal they are more like heavy spotting normally I have a heavy flowlike an actual flow it's like ii spot light pink the first day, the second day its red and brown but extremely light flow I could wear a panty liner, and 3rd day if it hasn't stopped it brown my period usually last 4-5day this last one lasted a day and a half my breast are never sore or swollen and I dont cramp as much but now they do my belly and breast are itchy no matter what i do I have a daughter i know what it all feels like not to mention my belly button is suddenly trying to stick out right now its getting smaller im just a little concerned wondering what I should do a dr will not give me an ultrasound without a positive result so what should I do? I know my body and I know this is different but the same in refernce to pregnancy I just don't want to go without knowing for sure, to clear things up I don't want to pregnant right now but I would be happy if I was I heard of tricking your body into believing your pregnant and that IS NOT what im doin I am going about my days like normal until I feel the moving like gas bubbles but a little stronger and keeps feeling like im on a roller coaster my stomach keeps "dropping" as they say some days I look bigger, my stomach was never flat but right now its been looking like Im bloated everyday. the feeling usually occurs when I'm eating or when I drink juice, or after I lay down sometimes in the morning after I wake up, and go pee I could go on and on about my expriences lately that keeps pointing to it, like I said i have a daughter so I know the feelings its just im not as sick as i was with her and no vomiting oh and my last normal cycle october and ive noticed a light white light line going down my stomach from the top of belly button
On nights that I sleep on my stomach after I get up and go pee i am usually cramping like aunt flo is due it stops a little while later I'm confused.
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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

You need to see your doctor ASAP. Since you keep having negative pregnancy tests, you are probably not pregnant. But there are other medical things that can cause symptoms like what you are describing. You need to see a primary care provider or an OB/GYN in order to have the correct tests and everything ordered up to figure out what exactly is going on. Also you could have a resilient UTI which could be contributing to everything going on which your original meds didn't treat fully.

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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

Yep. See your doctor. I had eerily similar symptoms, three separate negative pg sticks, and none of my usual pg symptoms, but I did have that flutter feeling. One day I went to the hospital for pain and spotting/bleeding, and found out I was full term. You just never know, so get a professional on your side here. Even if you have to bend the truth a little and say you got a positive or if you have to find a new dr, either way, get a dr who will help on this!
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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

How is everything going?  What did you find out?

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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

One possibility is an ovarian cyst which causes all the symptoms ur describing. This is something they do ultrasounds for as well. I would suggest explaining ur odd periods in detail and the length of time between them. Hope this helps.
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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

Could be an ectopic pregnancy.
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Re: I need advice... Anyone please I hope someone can help

Hoping you have been to the doctor today. Please give us an update when you feel up to it.




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