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I'm 6 weeks and having cramps

Hi ladies in need of some advice. I'm approx 6 weeks pregnant and I've been experiencing some mild to moderate cramping. This is my 3rd child so I've been through this whole process before, but I've never had cramps before. This whole pregnancy so far has been completely different from the other 2. I'm not havering any bleeding or spotting so I know that's good. But I was just wondering if any other mommies at this stage had experienced this before? I have had a miscarriage before as we'll,so I'm a little worried to be honest.
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Re: I'm 6 weeks and having cramps

I'm eight weeks and noticed a lot of cramping when this pregnancy started (also my third). To the point that I felt like I was going to start my period and gush everything out.. I do think my uterus is more sensitive and tempermental than it was before because I was also still having random contractions throughout the day like what you have after you give birth, and I think part of it too is that this baby is going to be close to my last one (I was seven months pp). Once I hit seven weeks the contractions and cramping all stopped though and I haven't noticed it since. We also had an early u/s and were able to see the baby's heartbeating so that was extra reassuring. I just hope that the cramping and contractions aren't super bad once braxton hicks start :smileyhappy:

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Re: I'm 6 weeks and having cramps

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If you have not done so already, call your doctor or midwife. There is a good chance that this is nothing, but it could also be a problem and your doctor or midwife will always prefer that you call than not. Good luck, and I hope all is well.

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Re: I'm 6 weeks and having cramps

I'm preg with my third as well I have 2 boys never had morning sickness or nausea. this time around I have cramping nausea spotting u name it i for it all! Just went to ob today had ultrasound and saw and heard the heart beat!!! Doc did find small pollip though which she removed and said that likely caused spotting! So far baby looks great! :smileyhappy: thank G-d!!!
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Re: I'm 6 weeks and having cramps

Hi I just found out that I am about 6 weeks pregnant again and I have been having the same cramping... But I also just had a baby 5 months ago to!! I think it will finally go away after a while i hope!!!
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