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Have any of you felt the baby kick yet?

So I'm in my 19th week and I still haven't felt the baby moving around yet and was wonderin if any of you were feeling those wonderful kicks yet.

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Re: Have any of you felt the baby kick yet?

i was chubby before i got pregnant and im 30 weeks now and i started feelin kicks around 23 weeks

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Re: Have any of you felt the baby kick yet?

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For the OP, if this is your first pregnancy, it is normal to not start feeling them til about 20 weeks i believe, so they are coming :smileyhappy:


I felt my first movement around 14 weeks (thought a bug ran across my belly and had a minor flip out lol) and then kicks at 16 weeks but then felt next to nothing again until 19 weeks. I asked my dr and they said that was normal.

at an MFM appt at 19 weeks, I found that i had an anterior placenta (placenta was in the front) and the doctor told me I possibly wouldnt feel any movement until around 26-28 weeks.. so if you have an anterior placenta that could be one reason you arent feeling anything yet as well..  apparently they never told my daughter that i wasnt supposed to be able to feel her yet because she went bizerk in my belly for weeks afterwords as if to say "WHATEVER DOC!" lol.


Could also be the fact that the baby may be active while you are sleeping as well. :smileyhappy: if you dont feel comfortable you could always call and ask your OB.

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Re: Have any of you felt the baby kick yet?

Soon my friend! You will feel them soon. As baby grow and takes up more room, there is lass space for all the kicking and twirling around they do. As they take up less space, you feel them more.


Try laying on your back for 15 minutes and rest your hands on your belly. You might not feel strong kicks, but you might feel little flutters:smileyhappy:




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