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Getting a job while pregnant

Hello (:
I am 13 weeks along with my first, and really need to get a job (permanent). I am afraid though, that I will start showing soon and even if I get a job now, my new employer will not be happy he/she just employed a woman who will need to take maternity leave in just a few months. I'm the kind of person who prefers to keep others' feathers unruffled. Lol So this dilemma worries me.
It is also worrying to me because I really need to have the job to go back to after maternity leave and I am afraid they might just let me go when they find out. I had a job where they did that; once my first term at college was about to start, they told me "oh, we'll just say you were hired for a seasonal position" and let me go. (Also partly because they weren't giving me more than 4 hours a week and I told them I needed more)

I don't know if it's obvious, but I haven't had much experience with having a job or getting one (I'm 19 and school has pretty much been my main focus... Until now). And DBF would prefer me to not have to work, but living on his wages alone is getting to be too stressful.
So any advice you ladies might have would be VERY much appreciated!

Thank you! (:
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Re: Getting a job while pregnant

I'm sorry no one else has responded to you already.  An employer can't descriminate because you're pregnant.  Obviously you'd want to chose the position carefully as you'll have some physical limitations when you're further along.  If you're the best candidate for the job they'll hire you.  If you feel like you should be open about your situation you can, but by law you don't have to mention it.    I hope the job hunt has gone well.  Best of luck! 

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Re: Getting a job while pregnant

They will hire you but try for a part time position because i am pregnant working and in school its very hard but you can do it.
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Re: Getting a job while pregnant

I'm 20 weeks and I was having the same concerns. I just got a new full-time job and I was afraid that they would let me go if they found out I was pregnant. I asked one of the main managers and they aasured me that, that wouldn't be right, they cannot do that by law. So just go look for jobs, make sure it's a good company and you have a good feeling. Suggestion: ADT.


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