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Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

So my name is Ashley, this is the first time I write in a forum, but I am looking for outside perspective. i'm 14 weeks with my 2nd child. First one was a gorgeous little man! I never thought of doing anything to my hair with my firsr, but then again I had no reason to so I waited till afterbirth! Now with 2nd baby I have a very special event coming up & just wanted to do a retouch, but my husbands family is all like "Your crazy, you wanna harm the baby", and what not. But on my side of the fam, 2 of my aunts did dye their hair when pregnant and thwy have beautiful, healthy children! I haven't askd dr yet becayse appt is till nxt week! I want to dye my hair but their really scaring the want out of me! Have any moms dyed their hair while pregnant? Or is it really that harmful? o_O
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Re: Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

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Ah no honey!! You are fine!!

Its better to get highlights done than dying it though while PG. My OB told me it was ok to do so.. I got mine done and my baby girl is just fine :smileyhappy:  Always CALL YOUR OB and ask.. I learned early on that the nurses and doctors have heard it all before so no question is silly, especially if you are worried about something is safe or not.. so go ahead and call to double check.

My OB told me that the highlights were better than dying your hair because its not as much and the fact that the dye never really comes into contact with your skin. I have highlights anyway, so that worked for me. I also contacted my hairstylist and asked her if it was safe as well. She said it was, AND she had the courtesty to keep a fan on me to keep the fumes away. <3  Hey..this could be your excuse to get something new done!



Men are crazy sometimes.. lol My husband was the same way, but he was there when i asked the dr and my hair stylist. I got my hair done twice when i was PG. Once at 2 months, and once at 6, I was going to get it done again right before I was due, but they kept telling me I could  "go into labor at any minute" so I was terrified to be sitting there with foil in my hair and then have my water break. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

i dyed my hair when i was pregnant and ended up having a really bad allergic reaction to the hair dye. this was a hair dye i had used for years so i didnt bother to do a skin test before applying to my hair. The doctor told me it was because i was pregnant and my skin had become more sensitive during pregnancy. I recommend only having highlights while your pregnant and if that isnt for you definatly do a skin test on your arm or behind your ear before applying the dye to your hair.

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Re: Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

I would always rely on your doctor's advice first and foremost.  As for my experience, I had my hair foil highlighted throughout both of my pregnancies. 

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Re: Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

I agree that doctor would know best.


I did find this on the internet:


The Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS), which provides information on potential reproductive risks, says that animal studies are reassuring and that there are no reports of hair dye causing changes in human pregnancies, despite the fact that many women have colored their hair during pregnancy. OTIS also points out that very little of the chemicals in hair dye is actually absorbed into your system.


Hope that helps:smileyhappy:


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Re: Dye your hair when pregnant??? Yes or no?

I am in school for cosmetology an asked my teacher this same question an she inform me thst our hormones may cause a different reaction so do a Stran test to watch the reation it has on your hair. I just colored my hair I went from black to Red an had no issues
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