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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

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This is unbelievable!  Get another doctor to tell you what to do best.


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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

Umm wow.. is all i have to say..


but the thoughts running through my mind are so much more involved!!



I've never smoked and rarely drank, but I think I compare that to the time my gastrointerologist told me it was ok to fart in his face during a procedure.. um. No? There's just some things you do and some things you dont


smoking and drinking during pregnancy are two things you dont do!


It IS ok to have small amounts of caffeine though. I used to get hormonal headaches, I'd go buy one of those tiny bottles of coke, have a swig or two and within a half hour, headache = gone.  I'd use the same bottle for that until it went

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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

Coming from a former smoker I was told something like that ....I was told to quit but do so gradually because it would be hard on me an my baby because it was an addiction but I had an tubal a year ago an a miscarriage right before becoming pregnant this time so I just quit cold Turkey !!!
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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

I have heard that before what the drs said to her was not to stop alla t once but to cut down smokeing as much as she canbecausec it can and will hurt the baby and send it in to stress the soda thing im not sure about that.but it happens :smileyhappy:

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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

I feel like this is a cop out for people who smoke before pregnancy. It seems to be the norm when people get pregnant. NO DOCTOR WOULD EVER SUGGEST THAT!

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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

No no no I'd smoked to that I found out I was pregnant and quit immediately so that's some garbage to me and don't believe it
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Re: Doctor recommends smoking?!

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