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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

It's can be very dangerous for you and your unborn child to be pregnant with an IUD. Go to the doctor now to have it confirmed, then they will try to remove the IUD if you are pregnant. You may miscarriage especially since you had cervix problems last time. If left unchecked you may have a tubular pregnancy which can cause you to lose your tube, and never be able to get pregnant again or even death. I have an IUD, and I almost had it taken back out because after reading the package insert I was very scared.
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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

You should be able to tell him anything because he's your fiancé. He should be happy and completely fine with it. If not he may be the wrong person for you and I would get out of there before you marry!
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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

I had an IUD put in and I'm now pregnant and the first thing for you to do is go to the doctors and make sure you are pregnant and the the baby is in the uterus and not in your tubes. That was my main scare at first. Then I had to tell him and he was more scared then me. But then we ended up with another baby and our two girls are 10 months and 16 days apart. So after that one I got another IUD and a year later it slipped out on its own and I was pregnant again and now due October 21, 2013.
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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

I'm sort of in the same shoes. Our third is going to be a little bit earlier than we planned. Not quite as close together as yours, about 17 months apart. My first and second are 20 months apart (planned but got pregnant sooner than I thought I would, lol).


My sister has become the cautionary tale at our OBGYN. She got pregnant a couple weeks before she was going to have her IUD put in and canceled the appt to move it back when she wasn't feeling good even. She was 4 weeks postpartum when she got pregnant, her baby was around 8 weeks old when she found out. At first she was really mad and angry at everyone. However, her baby is here now and her two daughters are only 9 1/2 months apart. They are going to be in the same grade at school even. But now that she is through the first couple weeks of adjustment, she and her husband have their system down and she's decided it's not so bad afterall.

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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

Hi it happens thats what happend to me and im 37 weeks prego now with my son so it happens . And you are not alone. 

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Re: Desperately seeking advice.

Youll be ok, I was once like that, my boys are 11 months apart, my oldest sons bday is april 26 and my baby was born april 24 the next yr, although its like having twins, its awesome! And yes im married.
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