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Baby Names!

Need advice on your baby name list? Can't find a name you and your partner both like? Get advice here.

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Re: Baby Names!

Hello! Lol... well like im having a girl i have some of favorites names for girl.
(Ivy, Jaylah, Melody, Lady, Daira, Dessire)

Well if any are having a girl too hope this can help you to choose one jeje ♥♥
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Re: Baby Names!

What should be the meaning for the name akshaya
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Re: Baby Names!

Hi me and my husband r naming our little girl due in October LILIANNA ISIS we have 3 other children 15, 9, 8 and our little buddle of joy coming in October
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Re: Baby Names!

Hmm boy or girl?? Finally finding out on Saturday!! For a girl the partner and I like Scarlet and for a boy I really love the name cooper whereas the partner likes Logan which I like but not enough to name the baby. Cant decide on a boy name and I have a feeling the partner is going to change his mind about Scarlet!!

Who'd have thought choosing a name could be so difficult!!

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Re: Baby Names!

Our baby girl's name will be Pippa, but I need a pretty middle name to go with!

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Re: Baby Names!

Thinking of a couple
Boy's we are for sure about JeanKaidyn Wilfredo
Girls name is giving us a hassle we for sure have decided we want Roxalisse but cant decide if as a middle name or first name we also have Genesis Ivette, Kelsey Roxalisse, Roxalisse Genesis, Roxalisse Danielle
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