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Are these BH or should I be concerned?

Not sure what is going on, I am assuming it is normal but I was wondering if anyone else has had these pains. I am 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my fist child and not dialted as of yet. Today my stomach has been really hard for most of the day. A couple hours ago I started getting sharp pains on the top right side of my stomach. They were not very long so I am not sure what it was. My stomach, for the most part is still really hard, except on the left side, it is a bit squishy. I had another sharp pain on the upper right side again, and now I am feeling a sharp pain on the lower left that seems to be lasting longer. Are these Braxton Hicks or should I be concerned? I also have noticed a decrease in movement over the last couple of days. I am assuming it is becasue he is running out of room, but it is still nerve wracking.  

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Re: Are these BH or should I be concerned?

I think if at any point you are concerned, you should call your doctor. You shouldn't notice less movement at all, even at the very end. The movement changes but he should still move just as much. 


Make sure you're getting enough water, and eating small frequent meals to keep your body fueled, and just take it easy. I know easier said than done, with my last baby I had nearly 4 weeks of prodromal labor and it sounds like maybe that might be what you are experiencing. Basically it isn't braxton hicks but your body isn't dilating with each contraction either. It's really important to helping your body get ready though and also positioning the baby if they aren't already facing your spine. 


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