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Accidentally missed one day of prenatal vitamin.

So yesterday I forgot to take my prenatal as I was having a lot of fun playing board games with my sister (who will be heading back to school for her senior year, so I was relishing in our visit as I know from here on out, I won't get to see the sister I've always been able to see, she'll be so busy), and I JUST realized I forgot to take it  yesterday. 

Yesterday was the only day I've ever forgotten to take it. The very day I bought my bottle I was taking them every day at breakfast. 

Is this fine or should I be really worried? I will pick back up today soon as I get a bowl of cereal and some toast, but I'm worried that missing one day could affect my baby where I'm 13 weeks pregnant today. 

Should I take two today to make up for the one I missed yesterday, or should I just continue taking my vitamin when I normally do? 


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Re: Accidentally missed one day of prenatal vitamin.

Don't worry about it at all! Most stuff that can go wrong happens before most of us even know we are pregnant (or not that long afterward), and the prenatal vitamin is really there for YOUR health and wellness rather than the baby. Unless you are malnourished, the baby will take everything it needs to grow from you, so the vitamins are there to replace what baby's getting from you so you don't have deficiencies.

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Re: Accidentally missed one day of prenatal vitamin.

No worries, you're good!  Just get back on track with your daily dose but no need to double up from the missed dose :smileyhappy:

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