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Abdominal Pains and 6 Weeks along

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. I am now on day 11 of intense abdominal cramping/pain. It usually starts around two hours after eating and the pain will last 40 minutes to an hour. I've talked to my OB's nurse several times last week, and over the weekend went to the ER. I had a pelvic ultrasound and the baby is fine (initially worried that I was potentially ectopic). My urine test came back that I had blood and bacteria in my urine. They did an ultrasound of my kidneys in case of stones and found nothing. I was then given antibiotics for a UTI. Since then, I have also had my gall bladder, liver and pancreas checked. BUT I still have the pains, has anyone else experienced this? Doesn't matter what I eat (healthy, non-healthy, high fiber, low fiber), like clockwork two hours later I hurt. My first OB appointment isn't until Jan. 6th. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated!!!

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Re: Abdominal Pains and 6 Weeks along

This is a serious problem i dont mean to scare you but sometimes thats a sign for miscariage work less hours if you do and no heavy lifting you might be high risk and go on bed rest dont worry hun pray and trust that you and the baby will be good
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Re: Abdominal Pains and 6 Weeks along

Miscarriage has definitely been on my mind. I know its a possibility and if that should happen, I know its not something I can prevent. I have definitely been taking it easy though. Since my initial post, my OB had me see a GI doctor (she was pretty convinced that I'm experiencing a GI issue and not a miscarriage) and I've been having some tests done and hopefully they can figure out what is going on.

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Re: Abdominal Pains and 6 Weeks along

I had the same thing with all of my pregnancies. It was very scary, but it all turned out ok. With one pregnancy I even spotted for three weeks straight along with intense cramping and back aches. It is normal for some women, and can be related to the initial stretching of your uterus and ligaments. It has been my experience that a miscarriage usually happens fairly quickly and without much warning. Your body has a lot if adjustments to make and that can be uncomfortable. In my opinion, the more symptoms that you feel the better. That just means things are progressing. Even icky ones like throwing up and cramping mean your body is doing its job. If the baby looked ok on the ultrasound, then I would try not to worry too much. I know that is easier said than done.
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Re: Abdominal Pains and 6 Weeks along

If you're getting sent to a GI and they are pretty sure you're having a GI issue, I just want to let you know that just plain old gas can be extremely painful and cause a lot of bloating. Heck sometimes it's so strong it actually feels like a baby moving around a bunch or even like you are having contractions. I got gas SUPER bad early in my pregnancies but it usually died down once I got into my second trimester. 


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