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24 weeks!!!!

i am 24 weeks and i am getting kinda scared a little and this isnt my first baby but it is gonna be my first kid i am able to keep.. i am 18 yrs old and next week i will be 19.... and this is my first year home and i fell in love with this guy and we are almost a year dateing we started dateing on march 8th and he isnt the same race and i just met my dad and he doesnt want to say my son is gonna be his grandchild bc he has black in him so idk what i am gonna tell my son when he asks about his grandpaw and why is he acting like this but that is in the future but i had a very hard life to be so young my first child is 3 and im not able to see are talk to him i just get a letter from his adopted mom and a pic and i still cry about him and worry bc i do love him even tho i wasnt wanting a baby at the time and didnt a a bf are was into dateing... but i dont know if i pump and give him the other milk so any one else know if i can feed him both milks when he come???? but this is hlaf my my story....

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Re: 24 weeks!!!!

Consult with you OB ASAP!! You need professional help.


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