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16 weeks pregnant, need help :/

Hey guys,


Im 16 weeks 1 day pregnant with my 3rd baby and I still havent felt any movement at all. I remember with my other two feeling something, even a bubbly feeling, but this one I feel nothing at all like Im not even pregnant. I have a Dr appt tomorrow and I am terrified to go! I have no cramps or pain or bleeding.

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Re: 16 weeks pregnant, need help :/

Don't worry until you have to. Each pregnancy is different. I am in the same boat as you. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my third. I have 2 boys and with each of them it was similar. But with this pregnancy its totally different. I am experiencing things for the first time with this pregnancy. So don't worry. It is still early, stress doesnt help either. Good luck at your doctor appointment!

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Re: 16 weeks pregnant, need help :/

my doc told me sometimes baby sleep a lot in the womb until they feel like moveing you dont need to worry you can also ask your doc..... but talk to your doc deff tell them everything..... i had a lot of side pains 2 weeks ago and was really worryied but the doc said it was bc i was small......and i hope everything goes well.... stay stress free.... keeping do what u need to......

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