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Step-daughter won't sleep alone - help please!

Hi there,

I have a 7and 1/2 year old step-daughter that stays with us every other weekend.  I have known her for three years, and married her father almost a year ago.  We have a wonderful relationship, and enjoy our time together, until bedtime comes.  She has never really slept alone...either someone sleeps in her bed or she sleeps in the parents bed.   Her father and I have been trying to work on this for years now, but we do not have her long enough to implement any type of routine to get her in her bed by herself all night.  If she does sleep in her bed through the night, it is simply because she fell asleep when someone was with her and did not wake up during the night.  Her father has talked to her mother about this, and her mother thinks we are "awful" for not just enabling her behavior,  Apparently, my step-daughter sleeps on a toddler bed in her mother's bedroom.  She is remarried with other children. 


Please help!!!  I'm out of ideas and want to enjoy our limited time with our daughter.


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