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Overscheduling in the Summer

When I was a kid, summer was summer and it meant playing outside with friends, maybe camp and visiting grandparents for extended visits.  Now that I have kids it seems like there's a pressure for the kids to constantly be doing something every day in the summer.  There are constant VBS's, all different type of camps, etc.  Our kids go to VBS and one camp a summer.  Other than that they play outside, go swimming, sleep in and enjoy being unscheduled in many ways.  We still have a routine but they enjoy the loose structure compared to the school year.  What do your kids do during the summer?

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Re: Overscheduling in the Summer

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My 2 children are still pretty young (almost 6 and 3) and I work full time, M-F. So their summers are pretty much the same way as it is during the other seasons.  The daycare my children attended also holds a sort of summer camp for the school-age children, so that is where I sent my older child as well. It is so much easier than having to take them 2 different places, pay for extended care, and/or pack meals. The daycare feeds them breakfast, lunch, and a snack. The summer campers also go on field trips that we have to pay a little bit extra for, but it is your choice to send them, they don't have to go. They do water days at the daycare as well and play games, crafts, etc.


I will say though in my city, which is large, there are SOOOOO many options for summer-camp and VBS's, like you said. On one hand it is nice to have the options, but on the other hand it can be daunting to look at. And not all inlcude meals, so you have to pack lunch and snacks. Not all of them to extended hours, so if you work they can't go to those ones. And the one you like may be way across town. Which is why we chose to just send her to the camp at her old daycare for now. She knows all the teachers and most of the kids there and they FEED her....and it is the best price for all that is included, lol!


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