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Just general advice/comments

Hi I'm 21 and have a 4month old baby boy and I'm a single mother

I just wanted to say that I have my son on a daily routine

Wake up at 8am change for the day and give him bottle (7oz)

12pm bottle (7oz)
4pm bottle (7oz)
Every 2 days bath at 7pm
8pm bottle (7oz) then change into pjs and bed time

He sleeps through the night every night sometimes he wakes up at around 3am-4am so I give him some water to drink and put him back to sleep

Just wanted to know if this is a good routine for him for his age and if people think he's having enough milk during the day

I also twice a week I give him baby porridge

He's going to nursery at 5 and half months old soon because I'm going back to work is this too soon or is it ok ?

Just want to know peoples thoughts because being a first mum you sometimes think am I doing a good job

Thank you
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Re: Just general advice/comments

First I want to encourage you that if you are taking care of your son and loving him and protecting him you are doing a good job. The early days are hard, especially before they learn to smile and hug you. But 4 months is around when the cooing starts and it's soo beautiful to listen too. If your baby seems happy and is growing at a good rate, and your doctor is happy with his growth rate then you are doing good. When they have growth spurts they might want more to eat and sleep more. Since you are a single mom you are the sole provider and it's hard to leave your baby to go back to work. Really you have to decide what is best for your son in terms of daycare. Keep your family a priority whatever your choices are. I don't know if you pray but if you do, keep praying for wisdom. Every child and every family is different. You know what your child needs the best. Blessings

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